#17: Adopting Blockchain In Enterprise Ecosystems

March 09, 2021

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of having Lars Seier Christensen & Beni Issembert join as my guest speakers.

Lars Seier Christensen:

Lars is a Danish businessman, entrepreneur and investor, originally from Denmark but has been living in Switzerland since 2010. He’s married and has five daughters with his wife, Yvonne.

Lars’s interests and activities outside of business are extremely varied and include philosophy, politics, fine wine, art, sports and charity; he’s a member of The Mont Pelerin Society and supports various classic liberal and libertarian organizations and causes; and he’s an avid commentator on political, society and business affairs and hosts his own primetime TV show “The Road To Seier” (“Vejen Til Seier”) on start-ups and investment.

Lars professional background is quite versatile – he is an experienced restauranteur; he was the co-founder of what was to become Saxo Bank and served 20 years as its CEO; today he focuses on investments through his private family office, Seier Capital – 100% owned by him, and does not manage capital for other investors. He also serves as the Chairman Of The Board at Concordium.

Lars also has a super interesting book that just came ut before xmas Seier – a road trip.

Beni Issembert:

Beni is an entrepreneur-oriented team member with 15 years of experience in offline and online storytelling and marketing, with a strong academic background.

He’s a true believer in the Cryptoworld and in the Blockchain technology and is an artisan in this industry since 2015.

He describes himself as cypherpunk by essence, pragmatic by reason.
Self-taught coder, coding mainly in Rust, Python, and Erlang.

Beni Co-founded in 2005 the former Politech Institute, a European Center of excellence and innovation and a ‘Do-Tank’ dedicated to promoting novel concepts and innovation empowering the different stakeholders in a ‘citizen-driven’ digital world.

He is also a prolific writer and published two books: Fayce, le JE de la paix (Ram Editions) with a preface from shimon peres the late prime minister and president, and Voyage en Orient (European Academic Press) in 2011. A third book is in progress and will link between philosophy and crypto evolution. The name of the book is Cryptosophia. In the past he wrote for Le Devoir, Affaires de gars, Cremoc, and many more other publications.
He is married to Olivia and is the happiest Dad on earth and a proud friend of Lula and Ziggy.

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