#18: The Crypto Wonder woman: Fighting for the Rights of Cryptocurrency Holders

March 23, 2021

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of having Jaguar A.dva Gal join as my guest speaker.

Jaguar A. Gal  (a.k.a JAG) has a rich professional background — with expertise spanning many aspects of law, with an emphasis on law as it pertains to fintech, blockchain, and crypto. She has managed international strategic investments in startups for the largest global VC – Intel Capital; and also worked with large corporations such as Intel for many years. She sees herself (and others see her too) as well qualified to bridge  the “duality, the relationships between the old world (meaning banks, regulators and governments) and the young world (including blockchain and cryptocurrencies).”

In the IDF, Jaguar was an attorney with the rank of Lieutenant, leading a team of officers lawyers, and representing the IDF in major civil rights cases.

Jaguar is the Chief Executive Officer at JAGuar Lawyers, a global law firm servicing corporate clients with contracts, corporate and securities law, Banking, Anti Money Laundering, and Taxation. The company’s main foci include cyber law, data privacy – regulation and compliance, Fintech, Blockchain, and crypto. Jaguar is also Managing Partner and CEO of the Jaguar Consulting Group, offering Regulatory Counseling services to companies and investors.

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