Episode 29: How To Create Opportunities In The Proptech Industry

September 29, 2021

In this episode, It’s great to have Yishai Breslauer join as my guest speaker. 

Yishai is a PropTech leader, formerly the Co-founding managing partner of Builtup Ventures. He went all-in into the world of real estate and held the position as the Head of Marketing and Sales of North America for Africa Israel.

With his journey to go into CRE (commercial real estate), he got the position as the Head of Real Estate Investment Banking for and BDO Consulting Group in Israel. This consulting group is ranked one of the top in the country and Yishai went on to the major league of CRE.

Yishai went up the ranks to become the founder and CEO of SIDRE LLC, a commercial real estate development and investment company based in the NY area.

Yishai is the host of The CRE Shark Eye Show, a commercial real estate podcast. He is a commercial real estate entrepreneur as well as being very involved in the PropTech industry. Join listening to The Yishai Breslauer – CRE SharkEye Show/Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOjDYdAfpkrXzgUSRGt959w

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