Episode 51: May Mahboob, Providing a tangible use case for the Metaverse.

January 25, 2023

As Co-founder and president of MBD Financials: the Decentralized, Photorealistic, Metaverse Business District, May Mahboob believes technology can alleviate poverty and inequality. With more businesses turning to online ventures, the idea of digital twining allows users to buy digital assets and convert them in the real world. When she spoke to BlockSolid podcast host Yael Tamar, May was an enthusiastic proponent of mixed reality technology as a blend of the virtual and the real worlds. Listen to their full conversation at this link: 

About May Mahboob:

May is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Visionary, and Creator. She is a strong advocate of using technology for alleviating poverty, inequality, and segregation by bringing first world resources to developing countries via digital finance such as cryptocurrency, web 3, metaverse, and blockchain technology.


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