Episode 39: The Value of Blockchain in Emerging Economies with Dr Jane Thomason

August 24, 2022

Web3 and the metaverse are changing the distribution and management of health care, says Dr. Jane Thomason. Listen to her conversation with host Yael Tamar as she explains how blockchain can transmit value, especially in emerging economies.

About Dr. Jane Thomason:

Dr. Thomason is a successful entrepreneur having founded and built a $250 million revenue consulting company. She is a thought leader in technological innovation, fintech, and blockchain for social impact. Recognized in Forbes Magazine (2018) as a leader in Blockchain for Social Impact, Dr. Thomason authored the book Blockchain Technologies for Global Social Change.

She has consulted to multiple international organizations on digital transformation, sustainability, and ESG, including the Commonwealth Secretariat on the preparation of a Fintech Toolkit for Central Banks, and prepared and presented a Technical Paper on Blockchain and Sovereign Bonds for Commonwealth Ministers of Finance meeting in 2019.

She is a Co-Founder of the British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association, and Section Chief Editor of Blockchain for Good: for the journal Frontiers in Blockchain. In 2019-2020, she convened London Fintech Week, London Blockchain Week, and London Digital Impact Week. She is a regular blockchain hackathon judge and mentor and mentors social impact startups.

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