Episode 41: Using Smart Transactions to Automate Web3 with Michael Pearl

September 21, 2022

Kirobo’s COO Michael Pearl realizes we are all fallible. That’s why he’s invested in Kirobo’s vision to save us from ourselves by creating blockchain and Web3 solutions to misplaced crypto transfers and locked inheritances.

Listen to the full conversation of Michael Pearl with SolidBlock host Yael Tamar on this episode of BlockSolid.

About Michael Pearl:

Michael Pearl is a fintech and blockchain executive with over a decade of experience managing teams and projects. A qualified attorney and former content chief at both Finance Magnates and Natural Intelligence, Michael has driven client outreach, acquisition, and retention in the fields of trading, personal finance, online banking, and blockchain technology. And most importantly, he’s the COO and founder of Kirobo, an Israeli startup with an ambitious goal to protect crypto users from human error.



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