#12: Reinventing yourself in real estate & startup investing… All from her sailboat

February 16, 2021

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of having Nicole Bremner join as my guest speaker. Nicole is a property development specialist who founded East Eight – a boutique property development and investment company with a proven track record of renovating million-pound properties across London. In today’s episode, Nicole shared with us her interesting career journey, and together we explored topics such as Brexit and its effect on the UK real estate market and interesting new property technologies.

Nicole’s career journey went along a rather interesting path that included working in banking for a while, cooking, photography, and knitting, and was a stay-at-home mother too, all before finally settling on property development. She quickly learned that her love of architecture and her knowledge of finance was a great combination for operating a successful business in the field. 

Today she is raising 4 young children, is the acting director of East Eight, and is an adventurous amateur sailor together with her husband. She also runs her own podcast channel interviewing people from all industries, a successful author, is a non-executive director on the boards of several companies, and is a startup investor 

[00:00:00] – Introduction to the guest

[00:01:49] – Career stages, reinventing oneself and how it all connects

[00:05:33] – Dabbling in a startup

[00:07:24] – Covid-19-reality and predicting the smart real estate investment route: commercial hospitality or residential 

[00:08:59] – How has the Brexit influenced the UK market 

[00:11:43]- Interesting new property technologies

[00:14:09] – Interesting companies Nicole’s invested in 

[00:17:05] – The upside of having your own podcast channel

[00:22:59] – Sailing the seas

[00:25:16] – Moving away from active real estate investment to more passive investments and the advantages of security tokens

[00:28:31] – Methodology to working under the pressure of balancing family, work-life, and success

[00:32:34] – The benefits of online offerings for real estate developers  

[00:35:27] – Real estate, startups, world peace – predictions for 2021 

[00:36:53] – Sailing and COVID

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