#2: Real estate agent reality in times of COVID & working from home

November 09, 2020

Teresa is an international real estate technologist, investment banker, and founder of Consortia, which tokenized the world’s largest asset class, real estate. She created San Francisco’s first one-hundred-percent online real estate brokerage and is an equity partner at an international investment bank.

[0:00]-Introduction to the guest

[1:19]-How the owners, the buyers, the renters, the investors, the entrepreneurs get the benefit?

[5:11]-What are you doing the majority of your day and what actually makes you get up?

[9:03]-Talking about blockchain

[10:47]-How do we offer service to the industry?

[16:03]-Formula to become successful in business.

[22:44]-What do you want to achieve?

[25:41]- Trying to find a way to send money in the sensor mediated way

[30:50]-What is blockchain versus crypto?


QUOTES: “If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

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