Episode 25: Bridging Real-World Assets to Defi

June 22, 2021

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of having Jason Jones join as my guest speaker.

Jason is the Chief Commercial Officer of Centrifuge, a venture-backed, early-stage blockchain start-up that wants to change the rules of global trade and foster economic opportunity. Jason spent thirteen years as a tech analyst, including seven years as founder and CEO of HighStep Capital, a data-driven tech-focused hedge fund. Then he spent five years as co-founder and CEO of Cardinal Rose Group, which launched a fintech media and events company (Lend It) and the world’s first alternative credit robo-advisor (NSR Invest).

Today, as my guest on SolidBlock, Jason and I will talk about not only his interest in blockchain technology but how he sees it as a bridge to decentralized finance.

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