Episode 47: How to Understand the Crypto Winter with Joshua Scigala

December 02, 2022

There is no better guide to help you understand the current crypto winter than Joshua Scigala. Co-founder of TheStandard.io and Vaultoro.com, Joshua has worked in Bitcoin since 2010. Joshua has seen plenty of critical crypto events over the years and while his perspective of what works and what doesn’t has certainly shifted, what he’s adamant about is that his philosophy hasn’t changed: “Don’t steal. And you can’t back a token with fluff.” Listen to his full interview with BlockSolid podcast host Yael Tamar.

About Joshua Scigala:

Joshua Scigala is a Co-founder of TheStandard.io and Vaultoro.com.

Joshua Scigala has worked in bitcoin since 2010 when Satoshi was still around. He was one of the first to implement the bitcoin protocol into a web service. Like many early bitcoiners, he fell victim to the first bitcoin exchange collapse called MtGox, which inspired him to invent the “glass books protocol” for exchange transparency. Joshua went on to launch and run the first bitcoin exchange Vaultoro.com to trade bitcoin and physical gold with radical transparency. He also worked in the background to help dislodge the bitcoin scaling stalemate and went on to launch the first implementation of the bitcoin lightning network on an exchange. 

After predicting the collapse of terra luna two years before it happened, Joshua put his mind on building the ultimate fully backed and decentralized lending and stablecoin solution called TheStandard.io to compete against future CBDCs.


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