Episode 30: Decoding GK8 and secure ways to custody digital assets

December 07, 2021

In this episode, It’s great to have May Michelson join me as my guest speaker.

May was a former software engineer at Intel, but she was looking for a new career direction and found it in business development. She used classic Israeli chutzpah to enter social banking and mobile P2P payments company PayKey through the bus dev door.

During four years at PayKey, May became passionate about fintech and joined the European Women Payments Network. About 18 months ago, she also started Fintech Ladies IL.

Last year, May decided to ride the blockchain wave and made another cold call – this time to the CEO of GK8, a Tel-Aviv-based cybersecurity company enabling financial institutions to manage and safeguard digital assets including offline blockchain transactions.

This time, she already had experience working with international banks, and she easily landed the job as director of global sales.

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