Episode 52: Banking on Blockchain: A conversation with Daniel Coheur

February 10, 2023

Daniel Coheur believes that banks that are not exploring blockchain as a way to represent financial instruments will lag behind in the coming evolution. Co-founder and CCO of Tokeny, a security token ecosystem, Daniel is in the business of creating an open source programmable token that will enable anything that has value to be placed on a public blockchain. Join BlockSolid podcast host Yael Tamar as together they explore the ways that blockchain is altering the financial system. 

About Daniel Coheur:

Daniel Coheur is the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Tokeny, a security token ecosystem that delivers tools and solutions to issue, manage, control and custody digital securities on a blockchain infrastructure. With a corporate background centered on the global growth of transactional based enterprises, Daniel is a genuine entrepreneur who mentored and funded several start-ups before creating his own blockchain investment company. Today, Daniel is working with investment banks, funds, assets managers and distributors to educate these actors on the digital era of finance and accelerate their adoption of distributed ledger technology.


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