Episode 45: Democratizing Digital Assets Through Tokenization with Claus Skaaning

November 08, 2022

As retail investors adopt blockchain as a tool to shake up the property market, blockchain becomes a tool to make an asset more liquid, reduce back office costs, and modernize the industry, says DigiShares CEO Claus Skaaning.

Listen to the full conversation between Claus Skaaning and BlockSolid podcast host Yael Tamar on this episode of BlockSolid to gain more insightful information on real estate tokenization.

About Claus Skaaning:

Claus Skaaning is the CEO of DigiShares, a FinTech tokenization software company with subsidiaries in both Europe and the US, specializing in the issuance and ongoing management of tokenized securities. Using his vast experience, Claus has also taught several masterclasses on the tokenization of real world assets, real estate, use cases for tokenization software and the tokenization ecosystem.


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