Episode 42: Using Analytics to Tackle Big Real Estate Questions with Neal Bawa

October 05, 2022

There are many ways technology can be used in real estate to accelerate equity growth and liquidity, says Grocapitus CEO Neal Bawa. With more than $1 Billion in portfolio value, Neal’s company places an emphasis on real estate analytics, the modular construction of buildings, the outsourcing of employees, and, finally, tokenization. Tokenization, he says with clarity, is the best of both the digital world and the physical world. 

Listen to the full interview with BlockSolid podcast host Yael Tamar. 

About Neal Bawa:

Neal Bawa is CEO / Founder at UGro and Grocapitus, two commercial real estate investment companies. Neal’s companies use cutting-edge real estate analytics technology to source and acquire OR build large Commercial properties across the U.S., for over 800 investors. Their current portfolio has over 4800 units, with an AUM value (upon completion) of over $1 Billion.



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